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Joe, Jon & Jamie are three London Cabbies, exploring the captivating history and hidden treasures that helped mold and define one of the greatest cities in the world!


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Jon Cox

Qualifed London Taxi Guide

As a qualified London Taxi Tour Guide tour guide and taxi driver since the 1994 Jon is pleased to have the opportunity to show visitor and  people who live in London, the many wonders and history that London has to offer

Jon was born in the historic St Bartholomew’s Hospital making him a true ‘Cockney’ and christened at St Giles Cripplegate, where Oliver Cromwell was married. He is a true born & bred Londoner and still lives locally in Clerkenwell.

His tours will take you from the history of ancient London to the splendor of some of London’s greatest sights and give you a tour of London filled with little insights which are sure to provide you with great memories of this magnificent city.

As London taxi driver and Quailfied Taxi Guide Jon looks forward to be given the opportunity to share his knowledge of this great big city in which he was born and still lives and works in!

Jamie Owens

Qualifed London Taxi Guide

Jamie Owens was born in Bermondsey, South East London and claims to be a true Cockney as he was born within the sound of Bow Bells, well if the wind is blowing in the right direction.
Jamie gained is Green Badge to drive a London Taxi (Black Cab) in 1991 after completing the World famous Knowledge of London and then completed the course to become a Taxi Tour Guide in 1997. His love of London, its immense history and you visit some of the less often seen places around London, occasionally leaving the taxi to get a closer view of an ancient monument or place on interest.
London is vast, so Jamie is continually educating himself on it’s history to be able to give you the best experience possible on your visit. He is also just as comfortable taking you on tours outside of London such as a Kent Country Garden Tour, or Bath and Stonehenge.
Jamie looks forward to conveying you on a tour you will never forget, full of information of London’s intricacies and quirks.

Joe Cartwright

Qualified London Taxi Guide

Joe Cartwright was born in Islington,  grew up in Bloomsbury, Central London and attained his London Taxi Green Badge in 2000 and he then immediately embarked on the journey to become a London Taxi Tour Guide.
Since he qualified he loves to share his ‘Knowledge’ of London by offering an insight into some amazing historical facts & strange stories, as he drives you around the City streets in his traditional London Taxi. His love of the more quaint, or even gruesome facts about London’s past means that you will occasionally leave the cab to be lead down narrow alleyways towards ancient sites of murder and execution!
Joe certainly looks forward to escorting you on a Tour that will leave you intrigued and yet full of facts that you can tell all of your friends about!

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